Complete and exclusive solutions for your package’s development.

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Your idea of a product is the start of it all and our expertise is finding ideal solutions to develop it in each stage, i.e its main characteristics, its processes and its raw material.  

Step 1
Design Creation

In this first phase we will understand the concept of your product in order to plan the perfect package for your brand. An experienced and atentive team creates a model with the desired functions, puts together a prototype and suggests the ideal material. We use the most modern softwares in the market including Solidworks and Topsolids.

Step 2
Making the structure

This is the moment where the idea takes form. After meeting the different necessities of your product – conservation, management, cost, comercialization – our team presents the best solution and builds the perfect container for your brand and clients.  

We allow you to choose between a wide variety of materials, sizes and shapes. Besides counting with renowned quality, efficiency and creativity, we are always seeking innovation, antecipating tendencies in our packages.  

Get a unique and exclusive product

Step 3
Tooling and manufacturing

We contain our own tooling and project engineering, with state-of-the-art equipments, qualified and trained professionals aligned with the highest seal of approval and safety (ISSO 9001). Our infrastructure has the industry’s most advanced technology with an average monthly production of 26 million vials and caps in addition to 15 million silkscreen printings, ensuring flexibility in meeting several deadlines and production volume.  

Step 4
Finishing touches

We work with several materials and types of resin (HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PET, PETG, PS,  among other custom-made options.), silkscreen printing, sleeve application and oval and cylindrical labelling.

Highest level finishing touches

Step 5

We produce your package with our criterious standard quality and deliver the product in the most practical and agile way through a variety of distribution channels using our own logistics.